The Right Packaging Partner, Leaders In Contract Packaging And Supply Chain Solutions

How do leading brands find the right co-packers for their businesses? Ho do they evaluate, manage and maintain successful long-term relationships?

Why do brands seek contract packagers, and what are the benefits? Faster turnaround time, greater flexibility, meeting capacity surges and avoiding financial risk are just some of the reasons Contract packagers provide the speed and flexibility for shorter-run jobs (seasonal spikes, new products/packages, etc.) as well as providing end-of-line flexibility (custom displays, retail-ready packs, etc.). In contrast, brand-owned plants are designed for longer production runs and fewer changeovers.

Successful co-packing relationships should be based on good communication across purchasing, supply chain, sales, operations, engineering and all departments, panelists agreed.

Beyond talk, co-packers must be prepared to measure, benchmark and validate their performance to key metrics such as quality measures, on time delivery levels, schedule adherence over a set period, volume variances to forecast and more. Successful relationships, in turn, often depend on the ability for both partners to view the same information openly.